Turkey Recipe for Thanksgiving


  • 1large turkey

  • 1 lof broth

  • 1onion

  • 2apples

  • 1potato

  • 200 gof minced beef

  • 6bacon strips

  • ·salt

  • ·black pepper

  • 1 bottleof olive oil

How to Make Turkey Recipe for Thanksgiving

  1. Prepare the turkey filling by chopping the ingredients of the same size. That is, we peel the potato and cut it together with the diced apples. We do the same with the onion and mix it all with the minced meat and the chopped bacon. Season to taste.
  2. Fill the turkey with the previously prepared stuffing. To do this, we can ask the butcher to deliver the turkey already clean, or proceed to empty it at home in advance.
  3. We bake the stuffed turkey at 180ºC for 3-4 hours, depending on its size. Before introducing it, we place it in a deep tray, we salt to taste and add olive oil. It is important to keep an eye on the oven from time to time to prevent it from burning or, on the contrary, being undercooked, since the cooking time may vary depending on the type of oven and the size of the turkey.
  4. We are adding broth to the turkey every 20 minutes. We do this to make the Thanksgiving turkey juicier and more flavorful, so we recommend using meat broth, although the vegetable broth also adds a touch of delicious flavor.
  5. We take the turkey out of the oven and serve.


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