Grown-up Rootbeer Float
A local liquor store carried mini bottles of 4 different Tippy Cow rum flavors. This one is similar to, and you can substitute, RumChata instead. Actually, they are both made by the same company. Not sure how widely distributed they are. Regardless, this is an easy and tasty combination of flavors. Reminiscent of summer, but works well any time of year!


  • 12 ozdiet root beer (or regular)

  • 2-3 oztippy cow vanilla soft serve flavored rum

  • ·whipped cream, for optional garnish

How to Make Grown-up Rootbeer Float

  1. Fill two tall glasses about half way with crushed ice. Add a shot or two of Tippy Cow Vanilla Soft Serve Flavored Rum to each glass.
  2. Pour half of the root beer into each glass. Optional – squirt on a bit of whipped cream if you have some on hand. Serve with a straw and a smile.


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